100 Word Challenge Week 9

It was a dull, boring, uneventful Sunday and Jonathan was bored. It had been raining all morning and there was nothing to do.

“Jonathan, since you’re bored, go take out the trash for the pickup truck!” shouted Jonathan’s mum.

“But it’s raining!” Jonathan whimpered.

“I don’t care.” she replied.

With a sigh, Jonathan reluctantly went outside and put the rubbish out next to the letter post. Jonathan noticed something on the letter post. It was a big, red button. Jonathan wondered, should I press it? Curiosity got the better of Jonathan. He pressed it. At first, nothing happened, but then Jonathan went 10 times smaller. Everything surrounding him looked 10 times bigger. Jonathan was in trouble.


  1. Congratulations on your recent appointment as Cultural Prefect it is good to see this impressive work being completed to a high standard keep up the good work!!

  2. Congratulations on achieving the ninth week of this treacherous challenge that advances your vocabulary by an exponential amount. The effort you have put into this piece of art is incredible, and it is displayed in how the tension and suspense is built up towards the denouement of the piece. The only furtherance I have for you is to ensure that you are on the interior part of the 100 +- 5 word curb. Good luck developing more pieces of art.


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