100 Word Challenge Week 8

Nathan felt a cold, hard barrel touch his head from behind.

“Now I’ve got you and there’s no way you can escape.” the mysterious voice said.

Nathan slowly and carefully turned around. Nathan had been sent on a mission by M68 to assassinate someone. He also had his colleague Tim to help him, but had mysteriously disappeared when the stranger turned up.

Suddenly Nathan grabbed the barrel of the gun, twisted it so hard that it bent and then sent a flying punch into the strangers stomach. The stranger though was faster and brought another gun from out behind.

“Nice try.” said the stranger and he pointed the gun at his head. Nathan waited for the shot to kill him. It was over. BANG! But the bang wasn’t from the gun pointed at him. The stranger slumped and fell head first into the ground. Behind him, was standing Tim.


  1. Hi Matthew,

    Well done on a great use of this week's prompt! I really enjoyed reading your story, it certainly was dramatic!
    You made great use of adjectives, description and dialogue. Keep up the great work!

    - Mariah (Team 100WC), Edinburgh, UK.


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