100 Word Challenge Week 5

“What’s this?” I asked to my friend.

“It looks like some green, spiky, plant.” he replied.

It was a Monday and Cameron and Justin had decided to skip school and explore a lost park. They were running around and found a bush. It had some unknown, ball shaped like plant poking out of it.

“Should we touch it?” Cameron asked.

“I’m not, but you can go ahead.” Justin replied.

“Here goes nothing.” said Cameron as he reached forward to touch it.

He touched the plant but nothing happened.

“Oh, nothing happens.” said Cameron

Suddenly Cameron went into a seizure. He shook and vibrated non stop until he passed out.

Justin froze in shock.


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  2. Hi Matthew,

    I really liked your story. I thought it was great how you used dialogue to illustrate how your characters where thinking and feeling, and to tell the story as it happened. It was also great how you were able to use speech marks ("") and that you made sure to give each speaker a new line.

    I wonder what would happen next in this story- would Justin rush to get Cameron help? Or might Cameron wake up from his seizure quickly, with all seeming normal, until a few days later Justin notices something weird about him that has changed? Lots of interesting avenues to explore!

    Keep on writing!

    Ana, Team 100WC, Oxford, England


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