100 Word Challenge Week 3

I opened the door and entered. What stood before me was amazing creatures with all different vibrant colours shining out so you couldn’t miss it and mutant creatures with six legs. A weird four-legged creature crawled up to me.

“Hey there little buddy.” I said “What are you?”

The creature said “Oinoof”

“Oh you are a pig mixed with a dog.” I replied in realisation.

Suddenly a human walked up to me and I backed away in fear in not knowing who they were. But the human walked up to me and shook my hand.

“What’s your name?” the person asked.


Out of nowhere every creature swarmed me like a nest of bees. I ran.

“Wait, Craig, wait, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig wake up!”

My eyes jolted open and I sat up in my bed. It was a dream.


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