100 Word Challenge Week 12

“Quickly get the money and lets leave!” hurried Connor.

“Ok I’m going as fast as I can!” shot back Sam.

“Can you hear that? It’s sirens! Hurry up!” Connor said anxiously.

“Ok I’m done, lets go!”

Connor and Sam opened the bank door and ran to their red, rusty pick-up. They climbed in, started the engine and the pick-up drove off leaving dust and rubble.

1 Day Later

“Hey Sam! Look we seem to be on the television!” shouted Connor happily.

“Yo, that’s cool as! We are rich and affluent, let’s just hope the cops never find us.” exclaimed Sam.


  1. Lorraine, Caelie and I enjoyed your story, Matt. We especially liked the end when Sam said, "Yo, that's cool as!". It made us laugh.

    Great use of dialogue to hook us into your story.

    We hope that Sam and Connor don't get caught and that they spend their money wisely.


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