100 Word Challenge Week 7

“John, wake up! We’re going on a sculpture trip!”

“I don’t want to go!” I moaned.

It was a cloudy, grey, and boring day and my mom had forced our family to go on a sculpture trip. We got there, paid out tickets and started to walk around the site. One minute later, I was so bored. “I want to go home.” I whimpered.

“Ok, fine we’ll go home now.” my mum said.

I thought “That’s a bit weird, mum’s finally relaxed.”

Suddenly during that time of ponder, my parents had left and I was, all of a sudden staring at some sort of branch, human like sculptures. Suddenly the branchy, human like sculptures started to walk towards me. I ran..


  1. What do you think of this particular text you have written? If you were to self-evaluate what you have written, what would you change? I notice you have tried to add effect by adding the work - 'suddenly'. What else could you do to add interest?


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